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Relieve muscular stress

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Give wellness to body and mind.

Dissolve tightness, relieve tension

Discover more effective natural remedies and relax to relieve the tightness and alleviate persistent pains from muscular tightness. It is suitable for those who practice sport, have a sedentary lifestyle, a frantic daily pace or simply for those who just want to relax. A journey for discovering total well-being in the ancient Thai tradition.

The Thai traditional massage is a deep treatment for the whole body. Through a sequence of enjoyable techniques, muscles and ligaments lengthen progressively, increasing flexibility and strength, alleviating tightness and giving a sense of physical and mental wellness.

Discover our massages

Aromatic massage

Aroma therapy of the mind
Duration 100 or 60 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

The pleasure of heat combined with the effectiveness of massage
Duration 100 minutes

Traditional Thai Massage

Muscle stretching and more elasticity
Duration 100 minutes

Lanna Lenitive Massage

Relief from persistent pain
Duration 100 minutes

Lanna Signature Massage

Pleasant relief from thightness and tension
Duration 100 minutes

Natural Lanna Massage (Tok Sen)

Muscular relaxation
Duration 100 minutes

Back Massage

Relief from pain and tension.
Duration 60 minutes

Discover the massages for athletes

Tennis player Massage

Relief from “tennis elbow”
Duration 60 minutes

Golf player massage

Muscular relaxation and elasticity
Duration 60 minutes

Find yourself again with Lanna Gaia

Alleviating intensive paths

Intensive paths combine effective techniques to relieve persistent tightness with the benefits given from the heat of the Sauna. Which helps to naturally relax the muscle, alleviating pain and increasing the effectiveness of the treatment on tight areas. In the SPA there are two types of sauna available, one bio and one traditional, a Turkish bath, a hydromassage bath, emotional showers and a relaxing area.

Discover our path

Lenitive Path

Relief from pain and tension
Duration 160 minutes

Stretching Path

Muscle stretching and increased elasticity
Duration 160 minutes

Different goals, one philosophy of regeneration: at Lanna Gaia, everyone can find their path to well-being and harmony.