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Devote yourself to your own beauty

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Natural beauty

Find again the best of you

Give back to your body and face their natural splendour, through these exclusive treatments of beauty and regeneration that improves external and internal balance. Two elements that, in the Lanna Gaia, philosophy act in a synergistic way.

Lanna Gaia uses traditional Thai techniques alongside modern exfoliant treatments, detoxifying, firming and toning the body and face.

Discover the facial treatments

Facial Rejuvenation

Beauty without time
Duration 75 minute

Facial Hydration

Hydrated and smoother skin
Duration 75 minute

Facial Detox

Reshaped and fresh skin
Duration 75 minute

Sensitive Facial

Regenerate and radiant skin
Duration 75 minute

Discover our body treatments

Body Exfoliating Treatment

Younger skin
Duration 60 minute

Firming Treatment

Legs toned and elastic skin
Duration 60 minute

Treatment Anti -Cellulite

Natural beauty
Duration 60 minute

Intensive Leg Treatment

Lightness and wellbeing
Duration 60 minute

Flat Abdominal

Localised intense and quick action
Duration 30 minute

Find yourself again with Lanna Gaia

Beauty paths

Our rituals are based on the ancient therapy Lanna, focused on the necessity of rejuvenation, detoxification, cleansing and revitalisation of the body, to harmonise it with mind and spirit. They are paths that invite introversion, giving you the chance to find yourself again.

Beauty paths

Beauty in Relaxation Path

Total beauty with pampering
Duration 165 minute

Slimming Path

Body reshaped and toned
Duration 120 minute

Different goals, one philosophy of regeneration: at Lanna Gaia, everyone can find their path to well-being and harmony.