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Regenerate body and mind

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Find again your balance

To regenerate body and mind

These treatments give back to the body and mind a feeling of total well-being and restore energy levels back to optimum. Lying on our beds means forgetting everything, relaxing your muscles and emptying your mind, feeling free and light. Find again your balance with Lanna Gaia.

The immediate result of our paths: a pleasant feeling of psychophysical well-being and total relaxation. A result to which have contributed over 2,000 years of history and tradition.

Discover our treatments for psychophysical relaxation

4 Elements Massage

Energy Rebalancing
Duration 100 minute

Head Massage

Psycho-Physical relax
Duration 60 minute

Plantar Reflexology

General well-being
Duration 60 minute

Detoxifying Lanna Massage

Purification in relaxation
Duration 100 minute

Hot Stone Massage

The pleasure of heat combined with the effectiveness of massage
Duration 100 minute

Aromatic massage

Aroma therapy of the mind
Duration 100 or 60 minute

Paths of psychophysical relaxation

Our rituals are based on the ancient therapy Lanna, focused on the necessity of rejuvenation, detoxification, cleansing and the revitalisation of the body, to harmonise it with mind and spirit. They are paths that invite introversion, giving you the chance to find yourself again.

Discover our path

Regenerative path of Body and Mind

Total regeneration
Duration 160 minute

Emotional Path

Relief for the mind
Duration 160 minute

Different goals, one philosophy of regeneration: at Lanna Gaia, everyone can find their path to well-being and harmony.