The aromatic bath

The body is wrapped in the mild heat and the delicate vapors are enriched with natural essences of aromatic herbs. You just need to sit down, take a deep breath and relax. The oils, through the skin and respiratory system, penetrate into the whole body optimizing the effects in the allover pleasantness. The contractures will melt with the aid of the humidity and the heat, the relaxation of the muscles acts as a sedative for the stress, the vapor penetrates the skin tissues and a strong blood flow affects all organs. The different scents of essential oils and a charming starry sky atmosphere, creates an immediate sense of relaxation. A sweet and aromatic aura comes from the vapor, which is scented with essential oils: the result is that the body, the mind and the soul are regenerated and you feel a sense of peace and strength.

Daily entrance to the SPA
€ 28,00



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