Lanna Gaia philosophy

LANNA is one of the earliest kingdoms in Thailand, built in the 13th century. It is known for its elegant beauty and gracious people, recognized for their hospitality and their life philosophy of one’s overall wellness. Lanna is a group of people from Northern Thailand known for their warmth, gentleness, and hospitality. Cultivated hundreds of years ago, these traits have remained among its people till now, as closely-knit families continue to pass these qualities to the young generation without fail.

GAIA is the mother earth... the goddess of earth..., whose name was revived in the 70s through Gaia Hypothesis by James Lovelock, that proposes that living organisms and inorganic material are part of a dynamic system that shapes the Earth's biosphere, and maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life.

LANNA GAIA applies both names together: LANNA, with its ancient wellness philosophy, and GAIA, the earth. LANNA GAIA embodies the practice of ancient healing techniques and philosophies, that root on indigenous Thai therapies to balance body, mind and spirit, by utilizing the gift of mother earth in its pure form. The LANNA people, not only mindful of their inner qualities, are also known for their penchant for outward beauty in their surroundings and for keeping their bodies and skin in glowing health. Lanna Gaia nowadays embodies these desirable ideals by treasuring the Lanna most traditional principles, aiming to achieve the best warm and professional services. Lanna Gaia believes that a skilled therapist not only knows how to give a fantastic treatment, but must also impart, with his trained hands, the ultimate bliss and wellness sensations to enhance body and mind.


Elements   Traditionally Lanna also believes that the body is composed of wind, water, earth, and fire. These elements have to be in balance otherwise ill health will arise.

Energy   Another basis for ancient therapeutic beliefs is the recognition of the presence of energy in oneself. If energy is blocked, it causes all forms of emotional, mental, and physical problems.


Lanna Gaia provides a professional one stop service for health and wellness following the authentic northern Thai concept, focusing on your body with skilled and professional touches. If you want to experience our program you can stay for a few days... improving your lifestyle and enjoying better quality of life. An exclusive environment together with our treatments, mild infusions and delicious fruit make LANNA GAIA WELLNESS INTELLIGENCE the real “Rejuvenation Centre” to enjoy completely. Relax, let yourself go and be pampered, this is what we aim to do together in Lanna Gaia providing extreme wellness for both body and mind.